Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Makana-isms

As we were painting yesterday:

Makana: "Good job, Daddy!"

Daddy: "Thank you, Makana!"

Makana: "You're welcome!"

*A few minutes later, looking at Daddy's painting:

Makana: "Wow, Daddy! That is amazing!"



At 5 something this morning, as I was changing Makana's diaper:

Makana: "Mommy, what are you thinking?"

Mommy: "About sleeping. What are you thinking about, Makana?"

Makana: "Milk."
(She had already asked for milk a little earlier.)



Makana: "Where's Caillou, Mom?"
(Caillou is a PBS Kids show.)

Mommy: "He will come on television in about 7 minutes."

*2 minutes later:

Makana: "Where's Caillou? I don't see him!"

Mommy: "He will come on in 5 minutes."

Makana: "Let's fast-forward now!"


Makana is not allowed to tell PEOPLE to "Go away!" There were several occasions whereby Makana was reprimanded for using that phrase. After she finally realized she didn't want to face the consequences, she got a little creative.

Mommy reached out her arms to pick up Makana to give her a bath. Makana tried to resist.

Makana: "No, hand; go away, hand!"


On a similar note, because Makana isn't the best in discerning which objects are more detrimental than others when thrown, there is a rule that she cannot throw anything besides a ball, unless Daddy or Mommy gives her specific permission to do so otherwise.

Mommy: "If you throw anything but a ball, you will go into time out."

Makana: Throws a piece of paper up in the air, knowing it is perfectly harmless, but definitely defying the rule.

Mommy: Follows through with the time out. Sigh.

We usually head home from an outing around Makana's nap- or bed-time. Nothing can slip by her, and she is a planner, so as we head home now, she makes her plan clear.

Makana: "I'm not tired anymore."

Daddy or Mommy: "Oh, really?"

Makana: "Yes, I don't need to take a nap." 
(Yes, she always says "nap," even though it may be time for bed.)

Daddy or Mommy: "We'll see."

Makana: "I play with my trains when I get home. We can play together, otay?"

Either 2 minutes after this conversation or two minutes after arriving home, this not-so-tired little girl falls deeply asleep. :)

After seeing Dave off in the morning to go to work:

Makana: "Will Daddy turn right?"

Mommy: "Yes, Daddy will turn right."

Makana: "Oh, yeah. And then he will turn right and left and right again."

Mommy: "Yes, Daddy will turn his car right and left and then right again."

Makana: "No, Mommy, Daddy will turn his TRUCK right and left and right again."

Makana loves identifying animals and making them relative to her bank of knowledge.

Mommy: "What's this animal?"

Makana: "It's a skunk!" (Actually, with her lisp, it sounds more like, "thkunk.")

Mommy: "What is unique about skunks?

Makana: "Skunks are stinky, like Uncle Johnny!"
(Yes, she does know about John's skunk encounter.)

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Julie said...

Makana is a riot! Such an intelligent little girl. And she speaks so well for a three-year-old!