Monday, June 16, 2008


(While celebrating Dave's birthday . . . )

Makana: Daddy has a BEEG cake. GiGi has a BEEG cake. Mommy has a BEEG cake. And--Makana has a sma-a-a-al cake.
Mommy: Yours is small?
Makana: Yes, Makana's is SMALLER! It is "wittle." See? (as she cups her hands together to emphasize the contrast)


Daddy: You are a very good puzzle-maker!
Makana: Yes, I am, Daddy!


Mommy: Let's cut your hair today.
Makana: No, maybe Tuesday.

Mommy: It is Tuesday.
Makana: Oh, maybe next Tuesday.


(While in Hawai'i)

Makana: Are we going to put Grandma away?
Mommy: No, Grandma is not a thing; she is a person. We say, "We will drop Grandma off."

(Next time taking Grandma home . . . )
Makana: Are we going to DROP GRANDMA OFF? (Yes, stated with much emphasis.)


(Today, as we were driving on a typical Arizona highway . . . )

Makana: Where are we?
Daddy: We are in our car, going to Bisbee.
(Repeated about 10 times)

1 minute later . . .
Makana: Where are we?
Daddy: In the middle of nowhere.
Makana: Oh, okay. We go home now.



Chad & Krista said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day to Dave!

Krista said...

OH I love it, thank you for sharing!!! And I was just going to say what I see my husband has already said. :) Hope it was great, Dave.

Julie said...

Makana is hilarious! What a great sense of humor! She obviously gives you and Dave a lot to smile and laugh about. :)

monchan :) said...

Yes, Julie, she surely keeps us laughing and on our toes! Yesterday she was "putting us to bed" for a nap in the afternoon to avoid the reverse from happening. :)