Monday, May 26, 2008

Wild West

We took advantage of the Memorial Day Weekend celebrations for military families. We started with the Old Tucson Studios and were pleasantly surprised. :) Although I am not a huge Western flick fan, there were many things that struck my memory, and even more so for Dave and Dad.

Makana was impressed by the old schoolhouse, for she could listen to someone singing the ABC's. An interesting note is that the flag actually is from a battle in Bennington, VERMONT (!) and is thought to be the oldest one of its type (if I recall correctly).

The Duke was everywhere, as he filmed many movies there. Clint Eastwood, Ronald Reagan, etc. were among other actors that made there mark in Tucson. Supposedly Michael Landon made Old Tucson Studios his second film home. Unfortunately, the sets that were used in some episodes of Little House on the Prairie burned in a fire.

Makana enjoyed riding in the various modes of transportation there: the horses (in the carousel), the train, and the little log boat. We were surprised and impressed with her when she chose to ride on the log, for there was a 48" limit for the riders. Daddy, Mommy, and Papa were too big. After contemplating the situation for about 10 minutes (while we did other things), she decided to ride in a log by herself. Big Girl! :)

Thankfully, the potty was a game amongst other activities for the children. As Dave said when we left the park, "We got our money's worth today." :)

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