Friday, May 02, 2008

Fun and Funny Family

We try to have fun with each other, and it helps when the humor comes naturally. Mom was very concerned about not messing up her hair before picture-taking that she brought her rain cap. :)

Japanese people now know to eat at Kua 'Aina Burgers, for all the tour magazines say it is a "must." Makana did eat there, but she only enjoyed the "Bob-Tomato."

Makana was fascinated by her first trolley ride; it was free at the outlets, so we rode the last trolley around its circuit for the night. She also happily rode the little rides at the mall, which she usually does without putting in money. The motion and music of those rides usually scared her, but this time she was having a ball with the paid entertainment. :)

Tuan experiences so many new things with our family. He was determined to go fishing, for that was something he had done in the past! Unfortunately, when he came to Bellows, fishing didn't pan out. Kayaking didn't either, for the wind was too strong for him to use a kayak.

Tuan also decided to eat Beggin' Strips that Uncle Leonard brought to the park for Justice, his new dog; Tuan said there was nothing wrong with them, as they tasted like bacon. He also likes to use "soyu sauce" on everything. The first morning he was with us, he ordered a loco moco at Keneke's for breakfast. He immediately asked me for the "soyu sauce." I asked him if he meant shoyu or soy sauce, and the answer was affirmative. I then asked him if he had yet tasted his meal. He and Kyle cracked up laughing, "You are Auntie Lisa and Auntie Mary's sister! You are related! That's what they always tell me!" If you know anything about my Dad's cooking, that is how we grew up. "There is nothing I put on the table that is bad. You try everything." I don't remember there ever being a salt and pepper shaker on the table, for that matter. Sometimes we had shoyu, as it was needed for eggs and rice or saimin--to taste. :)

It was fun to introduce Jime, Tuan, and Sunny to Liliha Bakery's cocoa-puffs. Dave loves them, so we brought them over for an afternoon treat one day. Tuan and Sunny were trying to convince the others they didn't really like the treats.

Makana got more and more brave with the waves as time progressed, but she knew when the waves were too ominous to just sit still. :) It reminds me of how our fear of God can be a true fear of trepedation, but also filled with awe and reverence. The ocean's power holds such mystique and wonder. We know enough about it to love it, fear it, and revere it. However, there are still mysteries about it that boggle my mind. Like God. :)

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jeffo 'n lisa said...

Aunty Lisa: Who's that?

Kavin: Elmo!

Aunty Lisa: No, that's Big Bird.

Kavin: No! That's the bird from Elmo's church!