Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vermont Visit

"SO COLD!" is what Makana kept saying each time we ventured outside in the Northeast this past week. She enjoyed playing with Daddy-o outside in the snow, playing with GiGi in the snuggly warm house, and playing with Grandpa some blocks she could destroy. Makana also met Sam, Dave's cousin Karen's son, who is just a little older than a year. Makana introduced him to Cheerios and television. :) The two young ones enjoyed each other's company.

In Andover, MA, Makana enjoyed playing with her cousins, whom she calls collectively, "AJDominic." They are so entertaining with their knock-knock jokes and boundless energy. :)

These pics are from GiGi, and hopefully we'll get more from our trip soon. :)

(Finally--We've been having all sorts of trouble posting pics to our blog; could you tell?)


Bolo said...

Finally! I was going through Makana withdrawals.

You guys, too, I suppose ;)

monchan :) said...

Glad to oblige you. :)

Yes, we had many a blog not go through for some reason.