Saturday, December 15, 2007

Look at how I've grown!

Approximately one year ago, Makana and I went shopping at JoAnn's superstore and acquired Burton--our snowman. He sat next to her in the shopping cart, and she loved playing with his scarf. :) When we got home, Dave placed him near our front door, and Makana would visit Burton frequently. At eight months old, she would try to wabbly walk to Burton and kiss him. Throughout the year, she'd visit Burton in the corner of another room. She was happy to see he was placed by the front door again this year. (Yes, I realize the pics are not facing the right way, but I GIVE UP! Plus, I'm not on our 'puter w/Photoshop, so I can't save my rotations.) Burton's a good measuring tool to see how much Makana's grown in one year. :) She also affectionately calls him, "Burbon." :)

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