Monday, September 03, 2007

You say, "To-may-toe . . . "

I just returned from a Ground Floor party, and it was fun playing games with everyone. :) One of the games I was able to spectate was Catch Phrase. Joachim said, "To-may-toe," to which a certain person on his team (whose full name will remain untold, but he did go by "Miah" as the label on his cup) replied, "To-mah-toe."

If you have ever played the game, you may see the humor in the response. The person giving clues is not to use any form of the answer in his clue . . . . :)


Anna (Phillips) Gibson said...

This has nothing to do with Catch Phrase, but I am really not sure which of your email address you are using these days. Can you send it to me if you get a chance? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica,
I was thinking about you... here in sunny AZ... (fabulous, isn't it?!) and i just wondered if you ever wanted to get together... coffee, go hiking, whatever, i live in the Phoenix area... just a thought. my email address His time...