Friday, September 28, 2007


Here's the story of these pics:
1. A certain photo studio was having a great sale, so I took Makana in for a photo shoot. SOOOOOOOO CUTE! I got suckered into getting more than the special package because there were great shots. :) I was excited to see the results. Waited 3 weeks . . . .
2. The day came to pick up the pics. I arrived and waited for about 20 minutes only to be asked, "Did my manager not call you?" I thought perhaps the photos might be delayed, but then I heard, "The film from your batch was destroyed at the lab." Film? I thought they were digital. Hmmm . . . We could get a refund or do a retake. Rescheduled.
3. Went to the retake one week later--Makana decided to go through a growth spurt or something and was sleepy and uncooperative during the photo shoot. She kept trying to escape out of the picture. Rescheduled.
4. Went to the retake of the retake one week later, at a different time of day--Makana CRIED the entire time! Got our money back. Dave reassured me we already had lots of pics of our baby, but he said he'd take pics of our girl in her dress.
5. Hence, these pics.

Question: So, which would you pick as a substitute for our photo studio pics?


Bolo said...

The second...she's implying something rather impish with that look.

Julie Geniec said...

Definitely the third - it's perfect with her hair swinging and that great smile of hers. Of course I also love the fourth one, with her and Dave and who can resist #5, with that darling smile of hers. I'll stick with the third one, though. Looks like a blessing in disguise, Monica....