Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hawai'i--March 2007

Our trip to Hawai'i to visit family and friends was relaxing, as we were able to get a cabin on the beach in Waimanalo. Makana was drawn to the water; as soon as the door opened, she would head out toward it. :) That is why Dave dubbed her, "Honu," Hawaiian Sea Turtle. She loved the beach. Her hair immediately went curly as the humid air hit it as we got off the plane.

We enjoyed spending each morning watching God paint the sky as we prayed and read his word. :) May I recommend it as a fabulous way to start a day?

Makana's birthday party pics are still on the way from Uncle Jeffo, so there is more to come! :) (That's where our family's and friends' faces show up.)

It was a good time to catch up with people we haven't seen in a LONG time, like Lori (Karratti), Arlene and Don, Pat, and so many of our family members! Thanks for making the time for us! Aloha! :)

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yoyoyo said...

haha, some of the pictures are funny!