Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Hunt Is On

Okay, so we couldn't resist doing the frivolous bunny/chick thing. The base offered an egg hunt for the kids, so we took advantage of it. Each child was assigned to find only one egg (specific color and sticker), and then they turned it in for a goodie bag. Marvelous idea! :) Makana didn't much care for her pale pink egg with rabbits, but she surely enjoyed an array of others. She'd walk a few steps, pick up an egg or two, examine them, and then move on to others. Hey, and she has that squat move down! I've never seen a child enjoy an egg hunt like she did. We probaby followed her around for at least a good hour. The eggs don't last that long in our family's egg hunt back at home at my cousin Sun Lee's house.

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