Saturday, March 03, 2007

Some of My Favorite Things

When we went to the park, we saw a cat creeping toward the swing area. Both Makana and her new friend (in the background) were quite interested in what the creature was to do once it got close.

Finding Nemo is one of Makana's favorite pastimes--literally. We hide Nemo, and she tries to find him. :)

Makana is allowed to go into my scrapbooking bag, where I place ribbon at the top. She loves to play with ribbon. It may be the color, the texture, the length, or something else that intrigues her. Whatever it is, she reminds us of a little kitty getting excited over a ball of yarn.

We did a taste test while we were waiting to be served at the Macaroni Grill (where we never did get served). Out of Gerber Puffs, dried apples, and Cheerios, Makana preferred Cheerios. No matter how we served it, she would fish out the Cheerios from amongst her other choices. After her Cheerios were gone, she'd eat the other things. It's fine with us; Cheerios is the most cost effective. :)


John said...

In the last picture, Makana looks a little like Stephie when she was younger.

Barbara Olmos said...

TCFW (Too Cute For Words)!

jungmin said...

yummy fish!