Monday, December 25, 2006

Reflecting on 2006--May

Bye-bye, Midwest! We enjoyed living in the bedroom community of Louisville, Kentucky, which was across the river in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Our drive from Indiana to Arizona was somewhat uneventful, and for that we a truly thankful! When we first arrived in Arizona, it was noticeably drier than anywhere else I had experienced (duh!). My body actually was malfunctioning in so many ways that I felt as though I was going through puberty again, trying to get acclimated.

On our very first night, we had dinner with Jo at Sweet Tomatoes--a great more than just salad buffet place! :) It reminded me of Souplantation, a place I had eaten in California with Kim Terai, and then I discovered that they are operated by the same people. Hence, they have similar concepts.

For Dave, it was a month of discovery, as he was at a new job--a dream job, at that. Despite the downsizing of the Air Force, somehow Dave got back onto active duty. We rested in the knowledge that God brought us here.


Adoption: On the drive over, as I was going through a border patrol check somewhere in New Mexico, our adoption coordinator was prepping me that I needed to be ready to travel any time within the next month. :) After we arrived on base and were placed in temporary housing, we received our first picture of Makana at 6 weeks old via e-mail, and it brought Dave to tears, saying, "She is so beautiful!"


Zayne, Malia's baby was born! :)


We were able to finalize the sale of our home in Indiana after getting here. We are extremely thankful for Ray and Linda Neal, our realtors. :) They are great! We are also thankful for our neighbors Franci and Shannon for forwarding our mail, as our move was so sudden that some things were left hanging. We appreciate Jan and John Hallin for taking us in during our transition, for they housed us and our vehicles and finished up our loose ends with our satellite company. :) Thank you all for making our move so much easier!

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