Friday, December 22, 2006

Reflecting on 2006--March

A Pivotal Month!

Congratulations, Chaplain Captain Dave! :) He was thrilled to be promoted, and I was excited to see him so excited!

Dave ended his almost 5 year career as the school's photographer this month in preparation for the pending move (which at that time we thought would be sometime in mid- to late summer). He went to North Carolina to start his 24 days of AF reserve duty to get in his good year. While there, he heard rumors that he'd get called up to active duty sometime in June or July (a bit earlier than we had thought).

March 31st, 2006: A HUGE day. Dave received orders to report to active duty in the beginning of May! (Where was he at this time again? Oh--North Carolina!)


Back in Kentucky: A flurry of activity began. I gave my notice to Keith Inman at the KBC that I would be leaving SOON, before the end of the school year. (YIKES!) Thankfully, God brought Mark Stam as the new International Student Campus Minister! :) I still had much planned there for the remainder of the school year but had to pass the baton with faith that it wouldn't overwhelm the amazingly wonderful volunteer staff and the new campus minister.

I had to say good-bye, or a hui hou--until we meet again--to soooooooo many people I love. I posted some pictures of these people from throughout the school year; hope it is okay with you guys. Let me know if it is not. I might keep adding to this blog as I find more pics in our archives. :)

We needed to sell our house! Thanks to Krista, who helped me plant some flowers in the front flower beds, we had great curb appeal as the other perennials came in to full bloom at just the right time! :) God has great timing! Believe it or not, within 3 days of putting our house up for sale, we had 2 viable offers, one of which eventually became the new owner of our precious Jeffersonville, IN home. Thanks to Ray and Linda Neal of Schuler Bauer Realty (YES, WE DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THEM!), we had tons of people walk through our home. Mark (our neighbor) said he never saw so many people come to see a home! We didn't even have an open house, but it seemed as though we did. We miss our wonderful neighbors on all sides. :)


Dave had to cut his time short in North Carolina to get ready for the move. He came home that weekend (March 31st was a Friday.).

On April 1st, the Guatemala coordinator for our adoption agency called to see if we'd consider taking fraternal twins a little over a year old (I think). YES, we would! There was another family considering them, but if they didn't accept the twins, we would be the next consideration. With as long as the Marshall Islands were taking and our upcoming move, Guatemala was a good back-up plan for us.

On April 3rd, our Marshall Islands coordinator called to say that a little baby girl was born in the Marshall Islands on March 31st, 2006. (I told you that was a HUGE day!) One glitch: we were moving, and Dave wouldn't have leave in order to show up in court in the RMI (Republic of the Marshall Islands). We had to await approval for me to travel by myself; I wasn't too optimistic. Our coordinator said she couldn't think of any worse timing for a family. What should have been a splendid day to receive "the call" turned into a dubious one of direction. If we went to Guatemala, we would only have to stay in country for three days. In the RMI, it could be 3 - 6 weeks. The RMI, however, is where my grandfather is from, so there is that heritage-link that drew us to that country. I had to really determine that God was truly sovereign and live as such.


Trusting God: It was a day sometime in February or early March that I was driving back from a Spencerian school visit that I wrestled with God's sovereignty (again). I had been depressed about the status of our adoption and not knowing which direction to take. I tried to "fake it" on the outside, especially since life did continue on at a harried pace. However, faking it did not substitute for the joy that I should have had as a Christian, walking in the Spirit. I finally resolved I needed to either live as though I believed and trusted in a sovereign God, or I didn't have any faith in such a God at all. My emotions pulled me down, but God's word never fails. He reassured me of his faithfulness, and I didn't need all the answers; look at the book of Job. As I drove on I-64 back toward Louisville from southern Indiana, I could hear God asking me, "Do you trust me?" Yes, God, I do. I clung to God and his promise to never leave me nor forsake me. I focused on him, as my circumstances were too confusing to sort through (too much to be able to post). I drove through some tear-filled views and thankfully had enough vision to see the road. An innumerable amount of people were praying for our adoption, and I could tell that I was covered with prayer. It took everything in me to hold on to God, but once I let go of trying to sort everything out in my brain and then merely clung tightly to God, a huge weight was lifted from me. Thank you, God!

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