Thursday, December 21, 2006

Reflecting on 2006--February

What a treat! :) Dave's dad and mom came to visit at the beginning of this month. Thanks to John D and another U of L BSU friend, I was able to get Dave and his dad tickets to the U of L vs Notre Dame basketball game. [That reminds me: I don't think I have yet been to a collegiate basketball game. Yes, even at ND, I didn't go to them at all.] They had a good time watching the game together. After all, Dave was able to go to the FINAL FOUR semifinals game in St Louis the previous season (thanks to Kenichi!).


Coinciding with the visit, SBTS had its collegiate conference. Thanks to Scott and Derek in the Admissions office, our international students throughout Kentucky were invited to join the conference, free of the conference fee! Each international student could have an American host to be with him/her throughout the day (yes, the seminary picked up their tabs as well). We took a group of about thirty-something students from the U of L to this conference. Last year we had about 8 or so students attend, and because they thoroughly enjoyed the conference, they encouraged others to go this year. The professors were also wonderful to our students. Thank you, SBTS, for helping us communicate God's message to the peoples of the earth. :)


Spencerian College: I looked back at my planner and saw that I did a lot of presentations for Spencerian College this month. :)When I arrived in Louisville, I had to find a part-time job while attending seminary. There was an ad for a "public speaker" in the paper. I called and discovered a WONDERFUL job as a presenter for a local college. I would go into various high school classrooms and give one of three speeches that included a personality survey/test/evaluation, an attitude encourager (senioritis), and a medical career briefing.

I LOVED this job! Thanks to my territory managers Janet, Amanda, Tanya, and Ellie, I didn't feel as though I was really working. Another bonus was that I got to know the area's geography pretty well, as I had a 2-hour driving radius to cover for the job.

What was I doing still working my part-time job? Did I mention that I LOVED it? Also, Janet called me back after I had quit to take on the international student campus minister part-time position during my last semester at SBTS. I am so THANKFUL they called me back! The drives allowed me to meditate on Scripture, to pray, and to listen to God. The presentations allowed me to speak quickly in English while instructing. Turning in my paperwork allowed me to talk with my managers. :) :) :) I miss you guys!

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Bolo said...

That Scott guy in Admissions is now Dr. Scott.

Not that we bother with the title :) He's still cool enough for us to shout, "Hey you!"