Thursday, December 14, 2006

Melodious Makana

Marshallese people are quite musically inclined. When Makana awakens in the morning, she sings in her crib. :) (At least, that is what it seems like she does.) She has been doing that from when I first met her. If I don't tend to her within 5 minutes or so of singing, the tunes start turning a little more demanding.

She loves music and is fascinated by the CD player, for she looks around, as if to ask, "Where are the people whose voices I hear?"


jennifer said...

hey Monica! I stumbled across your blog, and I'm so glad I did. Makana is soooo cute. Sounds like your little family is doing great in Arizona, praise the Lord. I'm sure I'll be visiting here regularly for updates on the Merrifields.

monchan :) said...

Hi, Jennifer! It's great to hear from you! Please stop by as often as you can; I hope to update a little more frequently after I get a routine (?) going in my life. :)

Dana said...

She is so cute, Monica! I'm so happy for you guys! I'm glad I found your blog (from a link on your brother's blog). It's neat to see what God is doing in people's lives post-seminary. :)

Dana said...

P.S. Did you know Maki has a blog? There's pics of her baby on there.

monchan :) said...

Thanks, Dana! :) Hey, I saw that Maki visits my blog! :) Thanks, Maki!

Did you know that Eve and Brian Priest also adopted a girl this year? Her name is Cana, and she is from Guatemala. :) I don't know if they have a blog, though.

It is great to hear from you. What are you doing back in the Show-Me state?

Dana said...

I spent a little over a year in CO as a Sunday School curriculum editor, and now am a freelance editor and writer working on Christian Ed stuff. I moved back to MO because it's a lot cheaper to live here than in CO!

No, I hadn't heard about Eve and Brian's baby. That's great!